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Project Center ALS

Apr 27, 2022

In ALS, in addition to providing commercial analytical services, we are also involved inresearch grant projects.

A team of curious colleagues from the ALS Project Center participates in projects announced by grant agencies (TACR - Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, NAZV - National Agency for Agricultural Research, etc.) or in programs financed directly by the European Union. Due to direct participation in projects, we are actively involved in identifying and solving problems related to environmental pollution. The vision of the Project Center is to expand its activities to other areas.

Our main task is analytical expertise focused on "modern micropollutants". With the support of highly sensitive analytical instruments and various laboratory equipment, we are able to perform analyzes of non-standard matrices (samples of soils, sludges, plants, air, pollen, insects, fish, etc.) and monitor various components of the environment in the long term. One of our most successful collaborations in the last five years is participation in the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area project or cooperation with wastewater treatment plants.

Within the solved projects, we cooperate with research institutions, universities and companies from the private and public sector. University students have the opportunity to join us in a specific project and then present the results and impact of research in their bachelor's or master's thesis.